Papi Paws is situated off the A5 in Brownhills and is on the doorstep to Brownhills Common and Chasewater, which provides some lovely walks; with refereshment points, varied terrain and sheltered areas.  I have a large car equipped with dog seat belts and a safety guard separating the rear, with blankets and air conditioning, so that your dogs can travel safely and comfortably.


Before your pet joins the Papi Paws pack, a free consultation will be given, where I can come to your house to meet you and your pet(s) and discuss what we can do for you.  This also gives you the opportunity to see my certification and I will provide you with a set of paperwork to be completed, if you decide that we are the ones for you and your best little buddy.


If you cannot see the pet service that you are looking for below, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

I no longer offer home boarding or doggy daycare.


I am sorry but I am currently fully-booked and unable to take on any new clients.



 Dog Walking


If you are struggling to give your little furbuddy as much attention, or get out with them as much, as you would like, let Papi Paws help out, using our dog walking service.

We offer 1 hour group walks, or 30 minute solo walks:


Pack Walks - £6 per dog for 30 minutes (plus travel time).

These are perfect for socialising your pup with other dogs and keeps your dog healthy, with physical and mental stimulation.

We can only accept friendly, socialised dogs, who have been fully vaccinated and neutered/spayed to join in the pack walks.

We will only walk a maximum of 6 dogs at one time.

Group walks take place between 9-12pm or 2-5pm.


Solo Walks - £8 for 30 minutes (plus travel time).

Solo walks are better for dogs who may not be able to walk as far, need to walk at a slower pace, have not been neutered or for pups that do not feel comfortable interacting with with other dogs.

Despite classed as a 'solo' walk, additional dogs from the same household (& that get along) can still be walked together.


We also offer puppy walks (see below).


All dogs will be walked on lead, unless written consent has been given.


Please note that I cannot walk bitches whilst they are in heat.

I will not walk dogs when it is too hot, but can provide a home visit instead, if needed.

Subject to availability.

Puppy Care

Whilst puppies are going through their innolculations, Papi Paws can offer visits to the home, once or twice a day, to give your new pup some playtime, let them out and clean up any messes.

I can also change their water, wash any food bowls and provide more food if required.

Once vaccinated, puppies can start going out on puppy walks and eventually lead to slow introductions with the other dogs in our group walks, that they may eventually get to join for pack walks!

I can also help with basic training commands.

Early Puppy Visits (prior to vaccinations) - £8 for 1 visit, or £15 for 2 visits per day (each visit lasts at least 30mins) 

Puppy Walks (post vaccinations) - £8 for a short walk and socialisation - including house clean-up of any puppy 'accidents'.

- £15 if included with 2x puppy visits and small walks.

These visits (including walk and house time) will last at least 30mins.


Subject to availability.

Home Visits

If you have animals that need checking in on, but don't need walking, I can come round to your house for half an hour, to keep your pet company and give them some fuss and a play.  I will let them out for the toilet and can clean up any messes or empty their litter tray.

I will change their water, feed them if necessary and can give them any medication needed (instructions needed prior to visit).

Pop-in - £5 for 15mins

Home Visit - £8 (time tbc) per visit. Visits will last 30 mins.

Subject to availability.


 Pet Sitting


Papi Paws can also offer pet sitting for all dogs or cats, where I would visit your furbaby in their home & stay overnight if needed. 

This means the least upheaval and disruption to your pet, as they get to stay comfortable in their usual surroundings and I can stick to their normal daily routine. 

This is also especially good for a nervous pet that may struggle to settle elsewhere.


All food, leads and any relevant medication must be provided.


Pet Sitting - £ price dependent on hours required


Subject to availability.

Small Animal Boarding

Papi Paws also offers animal boarding for your smaller furries, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, rats, etc., as well as birds, reptiles and cold water fish.

I can also give your pet any relevant medications (clear instructions needed) and I am happy to let them out for a run or give them cuddles.

All food and cages/tanks, plus any runs/balls, must be provided.

Small Animal Boarding- £5 per day

Please let me know if you would like any additional information or if you require any other pet service, as I will do my best to accommodate and can tailor my packages to suit your needs - such as a pet taxi service, or looking after your pet if they are attending events or weddings.


I also do on-location pet photography and bake dog treats!