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Papi Paws is a friendly, licensed, professional and fully-insured pet sitter & dog walker, with a lot of love for all animals and experienced with a variety of pets.

Why choose Papi Paws?


In the UK, 44% of households now have pets, but our busy lifestyles mean that you are not always able to be at home with your best buddy as often as you would like.

Papi Paws can help!  I offer a reliable and professional service to help care for your furbabies (or feathery/scaley babies!) and to help  keep them happy; both physically and mentally.

I can offer home visits; to check-in on, let out, clean up and feed your pet; as well as dog walks (solo or group); specialised puppy care visits, pet sitting in your home, or boarding in my home for small pets in their own habitat (small animals and reptiles that are hutched/caged/tanked, etc.)

I am fully-insured and qualified in Pet First Aid.


Come join the Papi Paws pack!



Papi Paws is created and owned by Laura Matthews, a lifelong animal lover and animal rights advocate.

About Laura:

Hi, thanks for visiting my website!  I'm Laura and I am a huge animal lover and well-known amongst my friends as a bit (or a lot) of a "crazy-dog-lady".

I am qualified in Pet First Aid and hold certificates in Animal Behaviour and Psychology, as well as Animal Nursing.


Animals are my passion; I have grown up with man's best friend and have always had a small menagerie of pets since I was a child; having kept dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, lovebirds, tropical fish and cold-water fish.

Before starting my business, I have had over 15 years experience at caring for other people's pets and sitting for my friends and family when they have gone on holiday.


My husband, Dean, is also a huge animal lover and has had dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, rats, polecats, tortoise, tropicals and pond fish, so between us we have the expertise to care for a good range of your favourite little buddies!


I understand how important your pets are to you, because mine are my children and I want any animals in my care to feel loved, safe and have lots of fun! 

We have 3 dogs; two Papillon boys (Oscar & Olly), as well as a former street-dog girl (Athena) who we rescued whilst on holiday in Crete.  We also have a bunny called Tyri (after Tyrion in Game of Thrones, as we thought she was going to be a dwarf rabbit, but it turns out she isn't!), a Roborovski hamster called Frodo, as well as plenty of fish!

"Papi Paws" is an amalgamation of 'puppy' and 'happy' paws, as well as the word 'Papillon', as I wanted to incorporate my wonderful furbabies into my business (& my logo does of course feature a Papillon!).


When I am not covered in pet fur, I support various animal charities and have been involved in fundraising for numerous animal rescues (including single-handedly raising over £550 for Gouves Animal Shelter in Crete, which is where we rescued our Athena from).

I have always had an interest in all animals and animal welfare.  For my honeymoon we went on safari to South Africa, where we saw many wonderful animals in the wild and attended some eye-opening conservation talks.

I am also a keen photographer (which may become obvious when you receive my 'pupdates' - as I take far too many photos!)


It has always been a dream of mine to work with animals, so when I relocated from Essex back to my Staffordshire hometown back in 2017, I decided to take the opportunity to do something that I love and I started my own pet care business.

I have met some wonderful people & animals through Papi Paws so far and I couldn't be happier than spending all of my time amongst the most adorable furbabies!


Dog First Aid

Animal Behaviour and Psychology

Animal Nursing

NarpsUK Certified Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

Criminal Record checked (DBS)

Fully insured

Dog Boarding license (from Walsall Council)


Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Rodents, Reptiles, Fish, Chicken and Birds

Meet the Team!

The Matthews Pack

Laura, Dean and the pups:

Oscar and Olly were ringbearers on our wedding day, with Athena our little flower girl.

Laura (with Oscar)

This photo was taken when Oscar helped me pass my Canine First Aid course!

Oscar the Papillon

I got Oscar when he was 4 months old and he was terrified of the world.  Now he is 10 years old and a confident little boy and leader of the pack.

Athena the former Crete street dog

We came across Athena whilst on holiday in Crete, in 2013.  We went back to the shelter to visit and walk her.  Seconds after we made the decision to adopt her, Dean also proposed (I said yes of course)!

Tyri the Bunny

Tyri is a sweet bunny, but in her hutch she turns into a little rhino if you touch any of her toys!

Olly the Papillon

Olly is a silly little clown of a dog, who seems to love making people laugh.  Even though he is now 6, he still acts like a little puppy.